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How can I Contribute to the John Drulle, MD Memorial Lyme Fund, Inc.?

Please remember no donation is too small in the fight against Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. To make a direct contribution, make a check payable to the John Drulle, MD Memorial Lyme Fund, Inc. (JDMLF, Inc.) and mail it to the address shown below for ordering products.

You can also support the John Drulle, MD Memorial Lyme Fund, Inc. by purchasing the following products. All prices include postage and handling.

Tick Removal Pro | $7.50 *

Lyme Awareness Bracelet (New)
“Lyme, Learn, Live” | $2.00

Metal Lyme Awareness Pin | $3.50

Exclusive “Lyme Sucks” Car Magnet (10″ x 3″) | $ 7.00


Help the John Drulle, MD Memorial Lyme Fund by shopping online through!

You can give the “John Fund” up to 26% of each online purchase you make through the shopping portal. It doesn’t cost to join. Once you are a member, every time you shop the Mall at, the “John Fund” gets a percentage of each purchase you make, at no additional cost to you. They feature over 600 nationally known online merchants. Please click on the following link to get more information and to register:

How Do I Order Products?

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*JDMLF, Inc. does not make specific product recommendations or grant any warranties or representations.

Another way to contribute is to volunteer time and help with some of the JDMLF, Inc. projects. The best way to accomplish awareness and prevention, and hopefully, someday, a cure, is for all of us to work together.

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